The state of Colima is in the central western region of Mexico. It borders on the north, east and west with the state of Jalisco; to the southeast with the state of Michoacán; and to the south with the Pacific Ocean. Its geographical location is considered privileged, both for tourism and economic activity, in both cases the state of Colima and its capital offer alternatives to meet the expectations of those seeking quality leisure time, as well as for those who are simply looking for a better place to raise a family.

The weather

The weather in Colima is considered by many to be a gift. The coastal zone is typically warm and humid. However, the weather in Altozano is tempered by its higher altitude of approximately 2700 feet above sea level. Constant breezes and construction styles result in many residents rarely using air conditioning in their homes except for a couple of weeks a year.

There are two seasons a year here. The dry season, which runs from approximately late October to the end of May, where it does not rain, and the rainy season where it rains most evenings. The daily high temps in both seasons range between 75-90 degrees in Altozano, so it is a very comfortable climate and even more so in the rainy season. Overnight temps occasionally will drop into the 50’s in winter – but most of the year has overnight temps in the 60’s. The moderate climate allows for year-round golf and many other outdoor activities.

Beautiful province

The cities that are considered as a “province” are known to be favorable places that encourage visits from those who live in the main cities of the country. They are usually peaceful places with a more relaxed lifestyle, that is appreciated by people who are continually affected by common issues that plague larger cities such as: high crime rates, traffic, pollution and the negative experiences associated with big city life.
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