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Altozano Golf Course was designed, constructed, and is maintained to the highest quality standards. Designed by Carter Morrish and Rafael Alarcón in 2011, it consists of an 18 hole par 70, 6,682 yard, challenging test of golf. The Course provides a perfect balance between nature and design that will require all of your golfing skills while you enjoy the tranquility and nature that surrounds you.

The unique layout has a “resort style” front nine with generous fairways and greens. The back nine is more reminiscent of a “Parklands” style course that winds through a heavily wooded area. The fairways are made of Bermuda grass and the greens are composed of MiniVerde™ grass. There are challenging bunkers throughout the course with Silica white sand protecting many of the raised greens and in strategic locations in fairways. Don’t let the fact that there are 6 beautiful par 3’s throw you off as most are a challenge in their own right – including number 6, which is the number one handicap hole on the course playing long into the prevailing winds.

The “Bermuda Triangle” of holes 13, 14, and 15, can make or break your round. This stretch of holes nicknamed by the members has resulted in the disappearance of many golf balls. Visually, it is one of the prettiest sections of the course where one can truly admire the beauty of the lakes and nature of the course. Between the prevailing winds and the elevation changes, a serious golfer might consider the use of a caddy on their first visit. Otherwise you might find yourself scratching your head as you leave shots short, or the putts break the opposite way you predicted! Whether you are here for a day or a lifetime, the course will provide you with a truly memorable golfing experience.

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Hole 19

After your round, take a few minutes to relax and enjoy yourself at the 19th hole. Sit out on the patio enjoying your favorite cold beverage and replay your round with friends as you watch others finish their round.

Normally open Tuesdays through Sundays.

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Hole 1

Par - 4 / Yards - 442

A good tee shot favors the left side of the fairway in order to avoid the three traps located on the right. The green is protected by a deep bunker in front. All in all a solid starting hole as long as you avoid the bunkers on the right.

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Hole 2

Par - 3 / Yards - 172

A relatively short but challenging par 3. A large elevated green surrounded by deep bunkers just waiting to catch an errant tee shot. Center of the green is always a good thought when standing over your tee shot here as the prevailing winds like to push the balls into the right side bunkers.

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Hole 3

Par - 5 / Yards - 589

It is the longest par 5 on the course and has the widest fairway, so feel free to “grip it and rip it” on your tee shot. However the left side of the fairway will put you in the best position for your 2nd shot. There are three strategically placed fairway bunkers that come into play on your second shot. Not a problem for the long hitter, however most golfers chose to layup short of the bunkers and play a short iron into the generous green. A good birdie hole.

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Hole 4

Par - 4 / Yards - 336

Short but challenging, a lake borders the entire left side and wraps around behind the green. Out of bounds to the right a bunker sits on that side of the fairway waiting to catch the balls from those who are trying to avoid the water on the left. If you find the bunker in front of the green you are presented with a challenging shot to a narrow green with water behind it.

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Hole 5

Par - 4 / Yards - 397

Known for the huge boulder on the right side of the rough. Not a long hole but in the center of the fairway there is a deep bunker that must be factored into your tee shot. The green is protected with three deep traps all along the front and is quite undulating.

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Hole 6

Par - 3 / Yards - 242

The number one handicap hole on the course at 242 yards from the back tees. To add insult to injury, it is made more difficult as it plays into the prevailing winds and the very large green has lots of undulations. A very good golf hole where most are happy to walk off with a par.

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Hole 7

Par - 5 / Yards - 576

This tee shot has you aiming for the bunker in the middle of the fairway. On the second shot the lake on the left comes into play forcing many players layup to the right and play a short iron into the generous 50 yard long green. The green is protected on the left by a bunker. All in all a very well designed par 5 that will tempt the big hitters to try and get home in two.

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Hole 8

Par - 3 / Yards - 200

Beautiful par 3, the tee shot is to a green with a slight slope, the three traps surrounding the green make it challenging if you miss the green. The green is quite generous and when hit will provide ample birdie and par putts.

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Hole 9

Par - 4 / Yards - 382

Uphill from the tee to the green, excellent par 4 to close out the front nine. Middle of the fairway is the place to be on your tee shot. Trying to take off a little distance by going up the right side could find you blocked out by some small trees and OB lines on the right side of the fairway. Green generally slopes away from the volcano which is normally visible in the distance as you approach the green.

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Hole 10

Par - 5 / Yards - 520

Considered by many the best par 5 of this course, it has spectacular trees that are in play from the tee to the green. Reachable for many in two shots, however the green is slightly elevated and protected on both sides by many trees. A good tee shot here sets you up for a birdie to start you back nine.

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Hole 11

Par - 3 / Yards - 192

One of the best views of the course, a challenging par three that has your tee shot threading through trees to a decent sized greens that is well protected by deep bunkers.

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Hole 12

Par - 4 / Yards - 390

The green is located just before a deep ravine, so choose your approach club carefully! A good tee shot is to the right of a large tree on the left side of the fairway. However don’t be too far right as there are a couple of bunkers waiting to catch your tee shot. A relatively short par 4 that when played correctly often yields a birdie.


Hole 13

Par - 4 / Yards - 438

One of the best par 4’s on the course, an almost blind tee shot due to the dense vegetation of trees that prevent the fairway from being seen in its entirety. From the tee box one hears the sound of the running water from the river and the sounds of birds in this secluded corner of the course. The second shot must carry the river and is often blocked by two trees right on your line to the green, making this probably the most difficult second shot on the course. The green is protected by a trap in front left and one on the right. A par here is a good score

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Hole 14

Par - 4 / Yards - 485

At 485 yards, the difficulty of the hole lies in the distance, the sand traps and the headwinds. The fairway is greatly reduced as it approaches the green, this green is probably the most difficult of all as it has a marked slope from front to back with the grain in the same direction, making it difficult to stop a ball from going to the back of the green. Once again a par is a good score here.

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Hole 15

Par - 3 / Yards - 198

One of the course’s signature holes, standing on the tee box it is a seemingly easy downhill shot for many players, but the lake and winds will mentally play with your club selection process. The front of the green slopes dramatically back to the water and shots with backspin to the front of the green often end up wet. Behind the green is dead and the right side also slopes into a lake there. Middle of the green is always a good play here.

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Hole 16

Par - 5 / Yards - 546

Another good par 5. The left side of the fairway has several bunkers that are in play on your tee shot. The right side of the fairway is bordered by thick forest, so a straight tee shot is needed. There are a couple more fairway bunkers to avoid about 100 yards short of the green which is protected by some of the deepest bunkers on the course. The green is quite wavy since it has very marked levels and is difficult to read.

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Hole 17

Par - 3 / Yards - 153

It is the shortest hole on the course, protected by three traps and a green where putts tend to run to the right. The surrounding parota-trees embellish the view from the tee to the green.

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Hole 18

Par - 4 / Yards - 424

An outstanding closing hole. The design of the hole generally funnels the prevailing winds down the fairway between the trees right into your face. A good straight tee shot is needed as you are battling the wind and an uphill fairway. OB on both the left and right side of the fairway. The green is protected on the left by a huge tree and bunker. There is also a bunker behind the green to discourage you from going long. The 19th whole bar and clubhouse all come into view as you approach your second shot. A very good finishing hole where most are happy with a par.

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