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Beautiful province

The cities that are considered as province are usually favorable places to encourage the visit of those who live in the main cities of the country, they are usually peaceful places that promote a state of relaxation that is highly appreciated by citizens who are continually affected by common issues in large cities such as: insecurity, traffic, pollution and the negative experiences between neighbors and coworkers.


The state of Colima is in the central western region of Mexico. It limits the north, east and west with the state of Jalisco, to the southeast with the state of Michoacán and to the south with the Pacific Ocean. Its geographical location is considered privileged, both for tourism and economic activity, in both cases the state of Colima and its capital offer alternatives to meet the expectations of those seeking leisure moments, as well as for those who are looking for an alternative change of address.

The weather

The weather in Colima can be considered a gift being warm and humid coastal zone, in the upper part it is temperate and warm in the southern zone. Its average annual temperature is 28°C and ranges between a maximum of 38°C and minimum of 12°C. When reading about this information you can have a feeling of being in a pleasant place, you can almost visualize walking around the streets without the weather being a limiting factor. It is possible to move in vehicles without the added stress of a hot climate.


A city for families

To the location and the climate, we can add one more advantage: the hospitality of its people.
No one can resist spending a moment or a life in an environment where coexistence is always gentle. It is important for everyone that families develop in places where values and good customs are natural, the destinations to which we always return are those that gave us satisfactory experiences and what better than these places to carry out economic projects that can prosper due to the good work of its people.


Attractive City

The capital of the State of Colima is not only one of the most significant cities in the country for its tourist attraction, its privileged location, its benevolent climate and the friendliness of its people, it is also a city that has managed to be listed on the prestigious magazine Financial Times ®. Undoubtedly, it is a city that preserves the long-awaited feel of the province but that advances with a firm step to offer economic opportunities for its people or to become a destination city for those seeking the best alternatives for conducting business.


City of the future

Recently, Financial Time Ltd magazine, through its FDI Intelligence division, published the ranking of the “American Cities of the Future” for the years 2015 and 2016. In this edition as well as the last one, Colima is listed within the top 10 best cities in relation to the cost benefit to do business, achieving an honorable 4 place. That is why we invite you to not lose sight of this city when talking about business.

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