Campo de Golf Altozano

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Developed with the highest quality standards in 673,000m2, you will enjoy spectacular views while practicing your favorite sport.


Golf Course

Balance between nature and design

The golf course is developed with the highest quality standards in 673,000 square meters, designed by Carter Morrish and Rafael Alarcon, with 18 holes par 70 with 6,682 yards where a perfect balance between nature, beauty and golf was achieved.
Its great Bermuda fairways tee practice of more than 300 yards, 3 lakes and its trees will make your golf round an unforgettable day.
6 beautiful par 3 characterized by its white sand in the bunkers. The most challenging holes of the course are the 13, 14 and 15 named by the players the Bermuda triangle, where you can enjoy the beauty of the two lakes.

Beauty and Challenge

Tee of practice

Practice golf with the best view of the Volcano, the tee of practice has a platform, Putt and Green and Chipping Green.



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Get to know the holes in our field and prepare for an unmatched adventure.

Hole 1

Forces you to make the starting shot towards the right side due to the 3 traps located on the right side that prevent you from cutting the way; the green is preceded by a trap leaving little margin for error.

Hole 2

With a high degree of difficulty due to the fat that it has deep traps and a high green with flag positions that will make it difficult to make few putts.

Hole 3

It is the longest par 5 on the course and it has the widest fairway which requires a long drive from the tee; the second shot must be taken carefully to avoid traps located 120 to 80 yards before the green; on this green the ball falls more than it appears.

Hole 4

Short but difficult since it has a lake that makes the first 2 shots difficult; it has two traps, one on the right side at 100 yards and the second on the green.

Hole 5

Characterized by the huge stone that is located on the right side in the rough; in the center of the fairway is a deep trap that slows down long hitters; the green is protected with three traps on the entire front ant has plenty of movement.

Hole 6

Advantage one with 242 yards of blues being a long par 3, basing its difficulty on the opposite direction of the wind.

Hole 7

Forces to shoot in the direction of the trap that is in the middle of the track, in the second shot the lake tat is on the right side forces to play short since the lake ends on one side of the green; this green is the longest on the course and is 50 yard long.

Hole 8

Beautiful par 3, the tee shot has a slight downward slope, the three traps that surround the green make it difficult, the green is quite wide and has good movement for falls.

Hole 9

Uphill from the tee to the green, a good par 4 to close the first round with a green that is often favorable to a bad shot.

Hole 10

The best par 5 of this course, has spectacular trees that play from the exists to the green, easy to get on two shots and difficult in the area close to the green due to the height it is at.

Hole 11

One of the best views of the course, it has one of the deepest traps and a green which in the entrance part is the most difficult area for the putt.

Hole 12

Located before a ravine, the first shot is forced to the left side because the traps on the right side, despite being a short par 4, the ravine behind the green creates an optical illusion that gives a distance to the green.

Hole 13

One of the best parts 4 on the course, an almost blind shot from the dense vegetation of trees that prevent the fairway from being seen in its entirety. When you run the drive, you can hear the sound of the river crossing the hole, as well as the birds of the environment; the second shot is blocking by two trees right on the green line and that are close to the river; the green is protected by a trap in front.

Hole 14

At 485 yards, the difficulty of the hole lies in the distance and the sand traps; the fairway is greatly reduced to the arrival of the green, this is the most difficult green of all since the green has a marked backward inclination.

Hole 15

One of the main holes on the course, it appears to be an easy downhill shot for many, but its lake plays a lot mentally and the green has quite a drop, behind the green runs a river that comes into play.

Hole 16

Defended by various traps that prevents you from making aggressive shots, for the tee shot, the lateral hazard that runs throughout the hole requires playing on the right side, this hole has the green on the right side and is protected by the deepest traps in the camp; the green is not flat since it has two very marked levels.

Hole 17

The shortest on the course, protected by three traps and a green that runs to the right; the PAROTAS that surround it embellish the view from the tee to the green.

Hole 18

Forces you to make a good starting shot because the fairway runs uphill, the Club House building can be seen from the start and has a spectacular closure.


Hole 19

Enjoy the most pleasant moments in the exclusive members bar Hole 19 after a good round of golf, with the following schedule: Tuesday to Sunday 6-9 pm

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